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When a Loved One Dies

It is often during the elementary years that a child first experiences the death of a loved one – frequently a grandparent or great-grandparent, but sometimes and aunt, uncle, parent or sibling. These times can be very difficult and confusing for us as adults caring for elementary children. Younger children also suffer loss, but they … Read More

Laugh, Love, Learn, and Live

Parents and teachers are some of the most inspiring people at work in the world today.  We’ll break into song when the first robin appears, dance a jig when the sun breaks through the clouds, cry on the last day of school, and laugh when it snows in April. We begin each day hoping to … Read More

Not Lies: Wishes and Dreams

November 7, 2022 It takes time for children to differentiate between fact and wish. It takes time for them to realize that they cannot make something become so simply because they say it is so. After all, children hear adults say all manner of outlandish things, things that stun and amaze them. It must seem … Read More