I Hate School

Somehow our culture has convinced students that learning only happens by force and only inside a classroom. Learning is something you only do because you have to, never for fun or because you just want to. What a shame…especially when Montessori education offers a time-tested and proven method that supports a child’s natural curiosity and love of learning!


Everyone Should Learn Math the Montessori Way

As a student, I started doing math on paper with a pencil; in Montessori the abstract process of math is the final step of a long series of exercises. To me, and most traditional school students, numbers on the page are just that – symbols we are taught how to manipulate. To Montessori students, those symbols represent very concrete ideas that they have physically manipulated; they fully understand what they mean, how they work, and why.


Meeting the Needs of Each Student

Dr. Maria Montessori discovered a brilliant and elegant solution to the challenge of meeting every child’s needs. She created, tested, and refined the through observation auto-didactic (self-teaching) materials to convey particular knowledge to children. Today’s Montessori teachers rely on the same materials and do very little direct instruction.


If Only We Learned About Montessori Earlier…

I expected her to ask, ‘What’s Montessori?’ or to disdainfully say something like, ‘Oh, isn’t Montessori where children do whatever they want?’ Instead, she almost jumped out of her chair and exclaimed: “Oh my goodness, I LOVE MONTESSORI!!!” Before I could get a word in, she began to tell me her story, and I realized that I had to share it with the world.


Interest and Challenge

They are surprised by the children’s independence, and by the overall atmosphere of calmness and happiness in both environments. They are also brimming with questions and reactions. As Mr. S phrases it, “Although I was very impressed by the children’s purposefulness and engagement, it’s just not what I was expecting. It’s not what I’m used to. How on earth do you accomplish this?”


Why Don’t Kids Like School?

It reminds me of a presentation I made several years ago to the “Men’s Business Breakfast Club”. I asked, “How many of you like learning something new?” and every hand went up. Then I asked, “How many of you liked school?” and almost every hand went down.


“They Tricked Us Into Learning!”

I first heard of Montessori when I was in high school. I made some close friends at that time who had gone to Montessori through their elementary years. One of my favorite quotes about Montessori education came from one of them– it was a friend who said he figured out at one point that his Montessori teachers had “tricked” him into learning!


I Am a Montessori Geek

Geeks hunt for the best. Movie geeks want theatres with the best sound systems and projectors. Fashionistas shop for cutting edge, unique fashions. Education geeks pursue the most elegant and effective educational practices and my search led me to the Montessori Method. I beg your indulgence as I share my journey.


No Full Frontal Teaching

Teachers: three archtypal advertising images: A smiling young woman stands in front of a chalkboard, and looks at hands raised from desks. Five students gather around a table-top globe, and look attentively as their teacher points out a location. A young man stands, shirt sleeves rolled up, in front of hands raised from desks.