Flashback Visit

I am surrounded by the impending-storm, afternoon hustle-and-bustle of 28 children sort of trying to convince their bodies to work constructively, a few caving in to all out giggles with friends, others have given up entirely and are just lying on the floor reading. This seems an appropriate choice to me on this crazy afternoon. Three children are following me around trying to ask me a question while I help another student find something and the classroom phone rings. I grab it (outside contact with an adult, hooray!). It’s the principal, asking me if I remember a certain student, he’s here now, is it ok if she sends him over to say hello?


We Are Montessori

The We Are Montessori Project aims to celebrate Montessori alumni and bring more awareness to the benefits of Montessori education. The project allows alumni to express their personal Montessori stories and is the perfect place to connect with fellow alumni, share your favorite memories, and inspire others to explore Montessori education.


“They Tricked Us Into Learning!”

I first heard of Montessori when I was in high school. I made some close friends at that time who had gone to Montessori through their elementary years. One of my favorite quotes about Montessori education came from one of them– it was a friend who said he figured out at one point that his Montessori teachers had “tricked” him into learning!