AMI/USA launched an alumni project on August 17 to identify who Montessori alumni are and what they gained from receiving a Montessori education.

The We Are Montessori Project aims to celebrate Montessori alumni and bring more awareness to the benefits of Montessori education.  The project allows alumni to express their personal Montessori stories and is the perfect place to connect with fellow alumni, share your favorite memories, and inspire others to explore Montessori education.

 We Are Montessori Facebook page was launched on August 17, 2011.  It has been an exciting success as numbers continue to increase to over 600 fans.  Thank you to all who have already made this endeavor possible.

Marianne White Dunlap, director of Prairie Flower Montessori School appreciates the project’s goals.  “How encouraging it is to read these stories.  I look forward to the future posts.  Thank you for making this possible.”

“My Montessori education has really spread to all reaches of my life. I honestly believe that I am a better person today because of it,” says Montessori alum Madelaine Olson.

Montessorians from all over the United States are celebrating The We Are Montessori Project and AMI/USA is proud to present and feature these alumni.

If you are an alum and are interested in being featured, please go to:

After all, who better to explain the benefits of Montessori education?