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How to Choose a Montessori Program for Your Child

One unfortunate aspect of Montessori is that, since no one “owns” the name/title, anyone who wishes to can open up a preschool, put a pink tower in the corner, and call themselves “Montessori.” There are many wonderful and amazing Montessori schools… and there are also quite a few not very good ones, and unfortunately it is these lesser schools that help spread confusion and misinformation of what Montessori is and how it works.


Every Child Has Exceptional Potential

It’s not that Montessori only works with exceptional children. Rather, from our point of view, every child is blessed with exceptional potential, your child included.


George Washington Was a Montessorian?

More recently, this morning I found ‘Montessori’ too, more than 40 years later, when, as I straightened up my office I pulled off of my bulletin board a postcard I sent myself in 2009 from Mt. Vernon.


Understanding Montessori

With this recent publication Maren Schmidt gathers upon her full-range of Montessori experience to help parents better understand what, how, and why a Montessori education is the appropriate choice for children of all ages.


The Secret of Childhood

One of my jobs is to meet with prospective parents after what is often their first observation in a Montessori classroom. My first question to them is simply, “What did you see?” Here are the actual quotes from observers in toddler and primary classes with whom I met this November, in response to that question