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The Montessori Movement Mat – The Child’s First Working Table

For the older child, when we walk into a classroom we expect to see a wide array of work areas including tables, chairs, floor mats, pillows, quiet corners, etc. Yet, when thinking of children under one, we don’t typically understand that as much emphasis should be placed on preparing them a ‘work area.’


Learning to Share

Hang out in any typical environment with numerous children under three and you will hear the common phrase, “Mine!” as one young child grabs a toy from another’s hands. This is generally followed with the common response, “Johnny, no grabbing. You need to SHARE.” Yet, what is the best way for a child to learn how to share?


To Crib or Not to Crib

Excitement, happiness, anticipation, nervousness…..these are all feelings that rush through a couple’s mind when they find out they are expecting their first child. Then the questions start flooding in: Will it be a boy or girl? Who will it look like? Will it be healthy? What do we need? This last question can be a bit daunting. However, similar to being newly engaged, couples find joy in planning for their new life together and begin making lists of all the things they would like to have.